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NetBase Systems 
        a kcr company Electronic document management and IT services: on-line, on target
  about us:
  The explosive growth of the internet coupled with the emergence of widely available and relatively inexpensive bandwidth has made the idea of selected web based services very feasible and attractive.  In 2000, several visionary individuals joined together and formed a company to bring this technology to a wider base of end users.  Thus was NetBase Systems born. 

NetBase Systems is a wholly owned division of KCR Enterprises. KCR was originally formed in 1991 as a sales and marketing firm dedicated to bringing emerging technologies to small and medium sized organizations. Collectively, we have all enjoyed several very successful years in the IT and Electronic Document Management (EDM) industries. Among the principals, we have worked for end-users, resellers, and manufacturers. As a result of those experiences, it became clear that Electronic Document Management was an application that, while it offered significant benefits, was often prohibitively expensive and more trouble to set up and administer than it was worth.  Therefore, it was not adopted as readily as its benefits might have indicated.

Given the high overhead of Electronic Document Management, and its ready scalability (the ability to grow as needed), it was a natural evolution from in-house system sales to offering EDM as a web based application. With this model, you engage the technology only to the level you need.  We house the infrastructure and you only pay for what you use!  Our combination of application/infrastructure experience and expertise yields a team that you would need at least five full-time employees to duplicate.

Winston Churchill once said, ''It is no use saying, 'We are doing our best.' You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.'' We apply that philosophy by doing WHAT WE SAY WE WILL WHEN WE SAY IT WILL BE DONE.  When you do business that way, itís amazing how everything else falls into place.  We consistently produce results that meet and often exceed expectations and we have customers in private industry, government, and military to prove it.  We handle document inventories as small as 10,000 pages (about the capacity of a four-drawer file cabinet) through several million.

Put all of this together: our expertise, reputation, operational philosophy, and rock-solid infrastructure and you have a provider that will furnish advice on the front end, a solution tailored to your unique situation, get it into place on time, and deliver seamless service to you from that point forward. If youíve ever looked at a document online from Charleston County, SC, you are viewing a project we designed and implemented.

During the past twelve years, this service has grown from a startup to our lead product. We continue to build our business one customer at a time and look forward to working with you.