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NetBase Systems 
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 Electronic document management and IT services: on-line, on target

Welcome to our EDM Test Drive.  Here, you will engage the technology, retrieve documents, manipulate the documents you retrieve, and get a sense of how all of this works in the real world.  You are accessing our Test Server, on which there are both generic applications, and, if you have arranged for one, an application customized to your specific needs.

Because the security of your documents is one of our primary points of focus, we have a two-step login process.  Please complete all fields below, and use the Password as provided in either the fact sheet, e-mail, or letter you received from us.  You will then be directed to our "training" page.  Please read through so you will be familiar with how everything works.

Thank you and enjoy the tour!

Test Drive LogIn  (all fields are required for access, none are case sensitive)

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- from the flyer, letter, or e-mail you received, or was provided during a  phone call.  Omit hyphens and spaces.


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